Science & technology

The Lancet

When blue babies grow up 2004, What do “miracle babies” with congenital heart problems do when they grow up?

Staffan Hildebrand: Film maker who charts the spread of aids 2004, Swedish filmmaker charts the spread of AIDS around the world.

Am J Nursing

Saving SimBaby Am J Nurs. 2009, Nov;109(11):24-5.

Building cancer survivorship care. Am J Nurs. 2010, Apr;110(4):17-8.

Red Herring

Adam Zaretsky sleeps with the fishes — Bioartist keeps company with model organisms

Spaceman: John Rummel keeps space clean from our germs

Finding the next prozac  2006, Braincells says it can test depression drug effectiveness.

Bladder factory 30 July, 2006, Give him a few months and Anthony Atala can grow you a new bladder.

Stem cell speed bumps 14 August, 2006, American biotech took it on the chin on July 20, when U.S. President George W. Bush vetoed legislation to ease federal restrictions on human embryonic stem cell (hESC) research.

Orphan hunter 2006, Biotech startup looks for new uses for drugs running off patent.

Corny threads 06 August, 2006, Last week at the World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing in Toronto, designers strutted clothing made from  PLA a compostable biopolymer fermented from corn sugar.

New Scientist

Biotech in Beantown, 2003, Why Boston is a biotech hub

Raising the steaks, 2003, Grow meat without the cow.

Light fantastic, 2003, New LEDs dress holidays up, jazz up industry.


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